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Physical-Device Recognition Improves Cyber Security, July 2009
By Jim White, Uniloc
Physical device recognition (PDR) technology uses the unique hardware characteristics of a user’s computer to generate a highly unique signature or “device fingerprint” for that specific device. This highly secure “fingerprint” is then used as an online credential that is “locked” to that device for use as its authentication credential. Click here to read full article...

PLCopen Value - Supplier Viewpoint

By Bill Lydon
Zuri H. Evans of Siemens works with the Drive Technologies and Motion Control group. I asked him: What value do you see for users that take advantage of Siemens products that conform to the PLCopen standards? Click here to read full article...

Coder’s Corner: The IEC 61131-3 Software Model

By Dr. Ken Ryan, Alexandria Technical College & PLCopen Board Member
The IEC 61131-3 standard has a hierarchal approach to programming structure. The software model in Figure 1 depicts the block diagram on this structure. In the first Coder’s Corner we decomposed this structure from the top down. This article will focus on the Task sub-element of the architecture. Click here to read full article...

Integrated Controls & WEB Services Standard: OPC UA Information Model for IEC 61131-3 Update

By Bill Lydon
The computer industry has been integrating WEB services into a wide range of devices to unite data from various sources to improve operations and achieve more accurate decision support. These are precisely the issues automation and control systems need to address and why the PLCopen and OPC foundation are jointly working on an open standard and specification for implementation of OPC UA within IEC 61131-3. Click here to read full article...

XML Control Logic Standard Gains Acceptance as Digital Factory Interface

Open non-proprietary interface allows users to pick the best of breed production hardware and software including PLC, PAC, PLM, modeling, and simulation software to make virtual design and production simulation a reality. Read full article.