PLCopen Value - Supplier Viewpoint

By Bill Lydon

Zuri H. Evans of Siemens works with the Drive Technologies and Motion Control group. I asked him: What value do you see for users that take advantage of Siemens products that conform to the PLCopen standards?

“In my experience, the biggest benefit comes to new Siemens customers. The PLCopen standards level the learning curve of applying a new vendor’s product in an application. Because PLCopen standards cover about 80% of the motion requirements for most machines, the customer can focus on their machine requirements instead of learning what commands are available, and how to use them.”

“Another advantage of PLCopen standards is they support the most common motion commands. Users can easily create the additional functions they need for their application and they work seamlessly with the PLCopen standards. The trend towards mechatronics means you no longer require a PLC guy and a Drives guy programming separately. Now you can have a PLC programmer writing all the logic, motion included. Narrowing the options makes it easier for them to select the right commands and parameters.”

“Additionally, the term "Industry Standard" carries more and more weight these days as customers like the idea of being able to combine or alternate between various vendors (depending on end-user specs). Knowing that their motion logic remains consistent whether using Siemens or another vendor makes machine logic changes more efficient.

Siemens and 50 other vendors are providing better solutions to their customers by conforming to PLCopen standards. For more information, go to