Production, Machine & Performance Monitoring White Papers and Articles

Articles relating to Production, Machine & Perfomance Monitoring as it relates to increasing plant efficiency and automation, process control, and instrumentation applications.

Dematic supplies sortation system to JCPenny

JCPenney’s new Lathrop, California distribution center has an Integrated Sortation Sub-System (ISS) including a 980-foot long single-unit continuous sorter from Dematic. The system is processing up to 165,000 cases per day at 99.9 percent accuracy. Click here to read full article...

How Semiconductor Companies Are Moving Toward Higher Productivity

By Joel Galliher, Bosch Rexroth Semiconductor fabs are increasing the levels of automation significantly, replacing manual transport with automated material handling systems and turning more attention to the flow of materials. Read full article

Control System Asset Management

Most large process plants have invested millions in their control systems. Yet it is typical that more than 30% of the system is off-line at any given moment. Getting the best performance from the control system requires a structured approach to control system asset management. This paper lays out specific plans for establishing a control system asset management program. Read entire article (pdf)

Production Monitoring and Data Mining –No Strip Mining Allowed!

In essence, data mining is the process of sifting historical data to find data that supports a premise, or produces a pattern. The implication is that only favorable data is discovered, making the process somewhat dubious. There are a variety of ways data can be mined, including manually, or with increasingly sophisticated analysis software that includes artificial intelligence and neural network modeling tools. Read full article

The Link Between Automation KPIs and Enterprise KPIs

Enterprise Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, measure the goals of business and help management to allocate resources. Process & Control KPIs measure the effectiveness of the process and the control system, and help plant-floor personnel to allocate their resources. When the process is running well, Control System KPIs improve, and enterprise KPIs improve. Driving Automation KPIs to their optimum in turn drives Enterprise KPIs toward management goals. Read complete paper by John Gerry and George Buckbee of ExperTune, Inc.

Geometry Unifies Process Control, Production Control & Alarm Management

Geometric Process Control (GPC) combines the three key plant applications of Process Control, Production Control (i.e. Achievement of Business Objectives such as producing in-spec product, maximizing Yield or Recovery, minimizing waste and many other Key Performance Indicators) and Alarm Management. It improves all three applications which were previously quite separate as they lacked a unifying mathematical basis. They came together only in the different brains of individual process operators hence inconsistently. Substantial economic and safety improvements result. Read full article

Implementing Performance Monitoring in Your Plant

Much of industry recognizes that optimized controller performance increases plant efficiency. There are now case studies in every industry showing the benefit of continual assessment and diagnoses of controller performance. But how do you get started with performance monitoring? This paper outlines the 5 steps. Read full paper by Tom Kinney and John Gerry of ExperTune.

Measure. Decide. Act. Applying Real-Time Feedback to Deliver Business Results

By George Buckbee, P.E., ExperTune Inc.
To control a business, key measures include sales, profit, productivity, and cash flow. This white paper discusses appropriate measures for control of single loops, unit operations, and entire businesses. The “right things” have a few common characteristics. Read full article