Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics White Papers and Technical Articles

Technical articles and white papers on remote monitoring and diagnostic systems in automation and process control.

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Wireless for M2M Industrial Control - I can get to the data, now what?

Technologies that enable factory and sensor equipment to connect to the network typically focus on connecting equipment "A" to workstation "B" over network "C". That's all fine and well if, at the end of the day, the data gets used. Given the range, cost and installation issues, Wi-Fi (802.11b) is often the best choice for connecting equipment and sensors to a network. Read entire article... (pdf)

Reaping the Rewards of a Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Program

As today’s manufacturers continue to seek new methods and tools that can enable them to do more with less, many leading-edge companies are turning to innovative monitoring and diagnostics tools that can dramatically enhance and improve a company’s existing Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) programs. Often referred to as “remote monitoring and diagnostic systems,” such technologies can help companies cut overall production costs, improve quality, minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency. Read full article...