Robotics White Papers and Technical Articles

Articles and white papers on robotics, robotics control and robot safety used in the factory and plant automation industry.

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Robots on the Grindstone: Material Removal Robotics

By Bennett Brumson, Robotics Industry Association
Material removal processes, which include buffing, polishing, grinding, deburring, de-flashing, water-jet cutting, sanding, drilling and milling of manufactured parts, are difficult to do manually. The flexibility that robots offer makes for a wise investment. Click here to read full article...

Industrial Robots with Image Processing in the Photovoltaic Industry

By Adept Technology
Using industrial robots in photovoltaic processing brings shorter processing times, lower wage costs, less breakage and therefore higher cost effectiveness. In recent years most manufacturers who have invested in this technology have done so with great success. Click here to read full article...

Speed: Today’s Manufacturing Competitive Edge

By Adept Technology
Manufacturers looking to increase production speeds naturally look to automation to eliminate the tedious, slow and repetitive processes on the production line. Robots can increase a manufacturer’s production. Click here to read full article...

Die Casting Automation – An Integrated Engineering Approach

By Applied Manufacturing Technologies
White paper identifies key reasons for automating die casting operations, the impact of robots on the automation, and the advantages of using Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) tools to generate and validate the automation process. Read entire article by Applied Manufacturing Technologies.


By Applied Robotics
Tutorial on robot grippers: what they do and how they work. Covers parallel, angular, toggle, 2-jaw and 3-jaw, and internal vs external grippers. Click here to read full article...

Robots fill flour pallets

A conveyor transports filled flour bags from the production line to the palletizing station, while an Okura A1600 robot palletizer does the rigorous work of palletizing filled flour bags accurately onto automatically-deployed pallets. Read entire article

Robotics software platforms review

By Michael Somby This article gives a short overview of general-purpose robotics software platforms currently available for service robotics applications. The article is a compilation of the knowledge the author accumulated during experimentation work. Read entire article

Energy Efficiency – The Other Fuel Alternative

Proven methods for industry to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact are already at hand. These cost-effective solutions promise substantial return-on-investment now and in the future, without sacrificing performance or quality. For most companies and organizations, the answers to maintaining a competitive edge in this era of rising energy costs are readily available. By applying a suite of cost-effective power and automation solutions from technology leaders like ABB, these facilities can achieve substantial energy savings today without waiting for the "alternative fuels" of the future. Read complete paper from ABB.

A new approach to robotic safety: SafetyBUS p at BMW

Availability, reliability, flexibility and comprehensive diagnostics are the most significant demands placed upon safety systems today. Increasing payloads, work ranges and cycle times of robotic processes necessitate a different approach to safety, particularly other than that offered by conventional safety relays and fencing. The development of fieldbus for safety-related applications and new International and European Standards have fundamentally changed the manner in which safety is now being engineered in the plant. BMW are the first to directly integrate robotic safety functions using a safety-related fieldbus.  Read entire article

Can't Justify Full Automation? Semi-Automate!! With Paced Assembly and Robotic Work Cells!

The rule of thumb for manufacturers today is that annual sales volume must exceed 1 million before a given product can be cost justified for full automation. More Info...