Software Development White Papers and Technical Articles

Technical articles and white papers on software development in automation and process control.

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Hierarchical State Machines in the Automation Process

Often during the process of supporting, modifying or re-engineering automation software, I have found myself making the same conclusion: “This is a Hierarchical State Machine trapped in the body of a C program, struggling to get out!” It seems that many programmers tackle a problem in the A to Z approach, creating a program that is chained to the original programmer’s concept of how the process is to be automated. The result is a system that is difficult to support, suffers from instability, and is difficult to add or modify functionality. This article will introduce you to the concept of a Hierarchical State Machine (HSM) and show you how this approach works so well in software engineering for the automation industry. Read full article...

The Generic frame work for future development in Industrial automation and process control (IAC) software development.

This paper describes about the development of a component based generic framework for developing industrial automation applications, making it scalable, reusable and modular . The problem specifying the need of the framework and then solution to the problem with the component based framework for typical IAC application is discussed. The paper also analyze the software development environment for industrial automation application using this framework. Read full paper... by Shamdutt A. Kamble and Sundar Varada Raj P. of Wipro Technologies.