Industrial Flow Measurement, Third Edition - $87.00 |

Industrial Flow Measurement, Third Edition - $87.00

Industrial Flow Measurement, Third Edition - $87.00

Author(s): David W. Spitzer

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 2005

Type Available: Hardcover

Details: Casebound, 443 pages

Designed to help practicing engineers avoid costs associated with misapplication of flowmeters, this third edition reviews the important concepts of flow measurement and provides explanations, practical considerations, illustrations, and examples of current flowmeter technology. Modern flowmeters handle many more applications than could have been imagined centuries ago.

Today’s flow measurements encompass operating conditions that range from capillary blood flow, flows over spillways, flow of gases, plasmas, pseudo-plastics, solids, and corrosives, to name but a few. Finally, the book presents a rational procedure for flowmeter selection that is based on factual information.

Effective flowmeter selection requires a thorough understanding of flowmeter technology in addition to a practical knowledge of the process and the fluid. This book will help experienced engineers, technicians and others evaluate the appropriate criteria rationally to arrive at the proper flowmeter selection. 

Visit the International Society of Automation bookstore for more books on the concepts of flow measurement, current flowmeter technology, and flowmeter selection.

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