When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 - $8700

When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 - $8700

Author(s): Charlie Gifford, Editor and Contributing Author

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 2011

Type Available: Paperback

Details: Softbound Book or CD, 256 Pages

Book 2.0 is the second collection of public methodology white papers from the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group. The methodology white papers focus on applying the ISA-95 standards to accelerate the adoption of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems and the Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture (Mfg 2.0) approach.

There is a focus on how to build a Manufacturing Transformation Strategy where manufacturers discover that using MOM systems combined with continuous improvement methods dramatically accelerate transformation and time-to-benefit. The business benefits from optimizing operations are realized by structuring plant workflows in ISA-95 models as a common definition foundation for Mfg 2.0 architecture. This enforces effective data structure, definition, integrity and governance across manufacturing applications.

Book 2.0 explains how to implement ISA-95 workflow applications in Mfg 2.0 to execute operations tasks through the MOM and physical process levels while coordinating them to streamline plant operations and align those operations with ever-changing supply chain processes.

Available as book or CD

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