Allstate installs eSight Energy Management Software |

Allstate installs eSight Energy Management Software

Allstate installs eSight Energy Management Software

October 23, 2012 - Bringing in over $32 billion in revenue in 2011, Allstate is the nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurer and one of the country's leading insurers in urban areas. Allstate encompasses more than 70,000 professionals made up of employees, agency owners, and staff. Allstate helps nearly 16 million households insure what they have today and prepare for tomorrow.  

The Requirement
In order to monitor energy data from a range of buildings over their extensive Northbrook, IL headquarters, Allstate needed a solution that could aggregate all of their energy usage information into a single central database. They required the ability to monitor and verify that data, for a means of identifying anomalies, reducing overall energy usage across their buildings, and driving down costs. This would only be possible through transparency of the data captured from Tridium Niagara building control systems and advanced energy analysis software. 
Perhaps the main condition Allstate needed to meet was their extremely rigorous security requirements. The system needed to be housed in their data center in a virtual 'POD' environment and could not interfere with their main network. Allstate's security measures mandated the system to be self-hosted and accessible over the Internet, as well as avoiding any installed components on client machines. 
In order to obtain the maximum benefits of an energy management system, Allstate required the system to update in near real-time and to have instant alarm notifications for missing, or inaccurate data. 
The Solution
Allstate chose to install eSight to monitor data from 550 points across their Headquarters. eSight was a perfect fit because of the scalability, selection of advanced modules, and its compatibility with their existing infrastructure. 
eSight's seamless integration with Tridium products - running the Niagara framework - allows Allstate to capture near real-time energy data for analyses. With eSight's user-friendly interface, variety of user levels, and intuitive dashboards, energy data is accessible throughout the organization. System administrators have the ability to ration which areas of eSight can be viewed based on relevancy to the individual user.  
eSight provides Allstate with the ability to analyze energy usage data across their buildings, including the capability to drill-down to more granular information at the click of a button. Using the eSight Alarms module, Allstate is able to receive alerts via email and distribute associated reports automatically. eSight equips users with the opportunity to create intuitive energy dashboards, but also an extensive collection of techniques to target areas for savings, making eSight an easy choice for Allstate. 
exp US Services
exp US Services is a specialized, value-added integrated services organization providing professional, technical and strategic services to six key areas: buildings, earth & environment, energy, industrial, infrastructure, and sustainability. exp US Services partners with eSight Energy to provide energy management solutions in a number of their building projects. eSight’s integration with Tridium hardware via oBIX, meant that exp could flawlessly integrate eSight in any of their projects including the Allstate installation. 
Energy Analysis
Allstate found the Energy Analysis configuration screen to be highly intuitive, allowing users to access advanced energy analyses with ease. This option provides the ability to compare meters, date ranges and analyze the cost of consumption as well as compare consumption against a target or budget. Allstate users are able to select the preferred analysis technique, the required meter for either consumption or cost analysis, and the output format. Since the graphs within eSight are interactive, even the most novice of users was able to manipulate the graph into a higher frequency of data when available, by scrolling along to view the next period or interval.
Network Security
Security was one of Allstate's top priorities in installing an energy management suite. With eSight's ability to be installed to site or hosted by eSight Energy, Allstate chose to have eSight installed locally, within their firewalls. With this installation and the different subnets that were created, only faculties with permission would be able to access the eSight system. This kept Allstate’s network protected and gave them full control of access levels. For further security purposes, eSight Energy was able to install the application portion on one server and the database on another. In addition to meeting all of Allstate's protective needs, eSight was able to aggregate utility data in a single system for analysis and provide Allstate with the tools to save both energy and money. 
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