British Fruit Grower weighs in red and green |

British Fruit Grower weighs in red and green

British Fruit Grower weighs in red and green

June 9, 2015 - As Wilkin and Sons Ltd expanded their operations, the Tiptree jam producer and fruit grower sought Mettler Toledo’s expertise to ensure appropriate capture of weighing data for better quality control and to reduce product giveaway. The company gained more than just tighter weight control; color Weight-enabled “traffic light” scales are also helping productivity.

Wilkin and Sons are manufacturers of premium quality foods, their exclusive “Little Scarlet” strawberries have been celebrated for generations. Their 125th anniversary was marked by a visit from Her Majesty The Queen. When Wilkin and Sons found themselves seeking to expand their existing fresh-fruit pack-house capacity by introducing an additional line, it seemed natural for them to improve their overall efficiency at the same time.

The primary issue was a need to have more visibility over the performance of their packing facility, in particular their weight control and compliance with customer specifications. They were hoping to gather this data from in-use scales and consolidate it centrally to allow for reporting and analysis, which could help them to maximise the efficiency of their operation. It would also give them a better view to operators’ performance and provide the statistical data to allow the company to maintain certain productivity rates.

Ultimately, local Mettler Toledo weighing experts Bernie Gately and Phil Tyler suggested the installation of ICS449 colorWeight-enabled scales. These hygienic scales’ LCD screens register with an unmistakable backlight of red or green after settling—red indicating balance contents are not yet in an acceptable tolerance range, and green indicating an operator’s ability to “go ahead” and move onto the next weigh.

Central Review Enhances Productivity

The scales were further  equipped with Mettler Toledo UK's ScaleMonitor data capture software and customer-specific SQL Server Reporting Services reports and dashboards, enabling easier central productivity review and better decision-making to maintain processing standards. This has allowed more precise ongoing weight-monitoring of Wilkins and Sons’ punnets.

We’ve had a very good experience and excellent support and service from Bernie and Phil,” noted Andrey Ivanov, Wilkin and Sons’ farm manager. “The ‘traffic light’ system on the ICS scales has maintained and even improved our productivity, while easier data capture has allowed better overall quality control on outgoing products.”

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