Ethernet Direct deploys surveillance video over Ethernet in Metro station |

Ethernet Direct deploys surveillance video over Ethernet in Metro station

October 27, 2008 - Ethernet Direct installed industrial video over Ethernet products in a surveillance application.

The application requires Gigabit connectivity in a Metro station IP Surveillance system with the need for high bandwidth for addressing video images. The integration of video over Ethernet solution provides future-proof installations using Ethernet network with flexible, real time and highly manageable solution.

In the Metro station control center, Ethernet Direct offers high-performance HMG-628G Industrial Full Gigabit switch for streamlining data flow with a secured network, elastic bandwidth and redundant solution. In each Metro station from the entrance and inside the surroundings, OVS-400 Industrial video server is installed and each connected with EDS-231PRO and EDS-351PRO series Industrial rated IP-66 cameras to provide real time remote monitoring. OVS-400 is a 4-channel IP surveillance video server which converts analog video signals into IP video streams. Since an IP Video server uses IP protocols, it can stream video over any network that IP can use. Ethernet Direct provides IP surveillance technology to offer more future-proof and cost-effective solutions to help industry professionals migrate from analog to digital in a smooth way. With this new solution, the video from an existing surveillance system can be converted and networked into a new IP surveillance system. To maximize bandwidth efficiency, OVS-400 comes with MPEG-4/Motion-JPEG format video compression. To facilitate multiple devices connectivity, each NVR client, server and recording storage device are connected to JMG-24F4 Managed workgroup switch.

OWL Industrial video over Ethernet solution comes with added advantages like easy deployment in all types of tough environments. Ethernet network ensures connectivity of security devices in the surveillance system which includes cameras, sensors, video encoders, digital video recorders, alarm monitoring system, etc. At the control center, the monitoring stations can select any camera remotely and control its monitoring attributes, or access archived data for inspection of historical recorded events. Advances in networking technologies made it possible to extend deployments with secured network, elastic bandwidth for future growth and redundant solution.

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