Liberty uses eSight to manage energy in buildings |

Liberty uses eSight to manage energy in buildings

Liberty uses eSight to manage energy in buildings
November 8, 2012 - Liberty Property Trust is a $6.2 billion real estate investment trust which owns 79 million square feet of office and industrial space in over 20 markets throughout the US and the UK. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Liberty develops, acquires, leases and manages properties with the mission to enhance people's lives through extraordinary work environments. Committed to sustainable development, Liberty has 48 LEED projects representing over 10 million square feet, and 98 ENERGY STAR certified buildings with an average portfolio score of 74 (as of October 2012).
The Requirement
With such a vast portfolio of buildings Liberty required a solution to enable them to bring together all of their energy data. They needed both a solution for collection and measurement of the energy related data across site, but also a way to bring this data together into a central database. 
Liberty required the ability to measure and verify that data with a view to identifying areas of potential saving, reducing overall energy usage across their buildings, and driving down cost. This would only be possible through transparency of the data. They also required integration of the solution with their SharePoint portal already in place throughout the organization. This would enable data to be accessed and displayed through a common interface. 
In addition, there were a number of peripheral data streams that were required for integration to the solution. These included degree days, occupancy, cost data and multiple utility types including electricity and natural gas data. Liberty required all of this information to be seamlessly collected and accessible through a single centralized solution that could be accessed and used from any of their property locations. 
The Solution
Liberty selected eSight for their Energy Management Suite and exp US Services for their hardware and data collection partner. eSight Energy and exp are business partners which ensured that Liberty was able to select a complete, end-to-end solution that integrated seamlessly. eSight was installed onto a server at Liberty's HQ in Philadelphia.
Data is collected from Tridium Jaces, and transferred to a Niagara AX Supervisor on a scheduled basis. This data is automatically imported to eSight for M&V and targeting for savings. eSight provides Liberty with the ability to analyze data across all buildings as they are rolled onto the project at a top level, but also provides them with quick and easy granular drill-down capability at the click of a button. Using the eSight Alarms facility, Liberty is able to receive energy alarms in a user-friendly format and distribute associated reports regarding alarms out across site automatically. eSight provides the ability to normalize data and report on energy usage in conjunction with other factors such as occupancy and degree days.  
Due to eSight's ease of use, the data is also accessible throughout the organization by users at building level. The fact that eSight provides both energy dashboards, but also an extensive array of data to enable accurate targeting of savings 'behind' dashboards, made selection of eSight an easy decision for Liberty.
exp US Services
exp US Services is a specialized, value-added integrated services organization providing design, construction and development for all major business markets. The firm offers a full range of services including architectural design, urban design, planning, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and technology engineering. exp selected eSight Energy to be their business partner and provide energy management solutions in conjunction with their building projects.
After detailed evaluation of available partners, exp US Services chose eSight as the most sophisticated solution available. There were also significant benefits in the pre-engineered integration of eSight with Tridium hardware which meant that exp could integrate eSight seamlessly with any of their projects.
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