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MI Windows & Doors uses ProTeus CMMS software

Mequon, WI - Feb 12, 2008 - MI Windows & Doors, Inc., a subsidiary of JT Walker that is headquartered in Gratz, PA, is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors across the United States. For more than 60 years, MI Windows & Doors has delivered quality products and excellent customer service to architects, builders, homeowners, among others.

MI Windows & Doors faced the challenge of reducing their production downtime. Before using Eagle Technology, Inc.'s ProTeus software, MI Windows & Doors was using a competitor's computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. Using this system, production downtime for MI Windows & Doors was nearly 20%. Clearly, this problem needed to be resolved quickly.

Mike DeSoto, currently President of the Western Division, looked to sister company, MI Metals, for a solution to this problem. At the time, MI Metals had been using Eagle Technology, Inc.'s ProTeus software solution for about a year and were very satisfied with the results. It was then that DeSoto knew what needed to be done: a uniform CMMS solution used in all MI companies nationwide. That system would be Eagle Technology, Inc.'s ProTeus.

In 2001, MI Windows & Doors purchased ProTeus Expert, an entry-level asset management solution designed for potential growth into either a ProTeus Professional or Enterprise system. In order to connect all facilities with the ProTeus system, MI Windows & Doors transitioned to ProTeus Enterprise, which has a multi-site management capability and is used in larger facilities.

Tom Lebens, Preventive Maintenance Manager for MI Windows & Doors located in Prescott Valley, AZ, noted that this was not the only reason that ProTeus was chosen. It is an extremely user-friendly piece of software. Since there is a large amount of data in the system, the ability to move columns within the system in order to filter information quickly and easily is necessary for MI Windows & Doors. Included in ProTeus is over 120 reports that can be easily generated to it any situation. In addition, when scheduling preventative maintenance (PM), only the appropriate work order will be printed instead of several.

Currently, MI Windows & Doors has upgraded to ProTeus Enterprise. Lebens noticed that in ProTeus, through the incorporation of Citrix®, it now takes less than 20 seconds for the database to update from remote locations, whereas in ProTeus without Citrix®, it took nearly two minutes. MI Windows & Doors elected to purchase several optional modules such as Crystal Reports®, which allows for report customization, and a Barcode Reader, in order to better manage their inventory. The implementation of ProTeus has also reduced the need for Information Technology (IT)'s involvement.

MI Windows & Doors felt it was beneficial to utilize Eagle Technology, Inc.'s on-site training to begin installation of the system. MI Windows & Doors also chose to have Premium Care Support, which provides unlimited support via telephone, web, and email, as well as any major upgrades or patches for the product, at no additional charge, for the duration of their contract with Eagle Technology, Inc.

Lebens is the "first line of defense" when any of the MI facilities need support. He is very familiar and comfortable with the system to do so. If Lebens is unable to answer a technical support question, which is rare, he will contact the Technical Support staff at Eagle Technology, Inc., who is always happy to help.

Without the help of a ProTeus Training Specialist at Eagle Technology, Inc., Lebens would not fully understand all of the features that could be used in ProTeus. Lebens said this of his training experience:

I was interested first and foremost in learning the Purchasing function within ProTeus. The trainer insisted on going through an overview of ProTeus and then focusing on the Purchasing function more in- depth. After doing so, I realized how many new features there were in the latest version of ProTeus. It was an enlightening experience.

Some of these features include a complete screen redesign, Resource Assignment function in the Scheduling module, a "Batch Mode," ability to show and hide filters, customizable queries and quick lists, an expanded Customer module, and more. Lebens also stated that, "ProTeus is a high-quality system and the quantity of data that can be gathered within it is remarkable!"

Through the use of ProTeus, MI Windows & Doors has reduced their production downtime from approximately 20% to average 3.5%. In a plant of 400 employees, nearly $1.5 million has been saved per year since the installation of ProTeus.

MI Windows & Doors has 10 sites that are using ProTeus software. Two of MI Windows & Doors' sister companies, MI Metals and ProPlastix, also use ProTeus, which totals 17 sites. MI is planning to add another sister company, RiteScreen, to the ProTeus system with 10 additional sites.

Other goals that Lebens has for ProTeus are to grow the system and use more of its features. Ultimately, they would like to have a regional stockroom set up in ProTeus in order to exchange inventory between all 17 sites, a unique feature in ProTeus. Eagle Technology, Inc. looks forward to helping MI Windows & Doors meet their needs in the future.
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