Petroleum Development Oman deploys AlarmAnalyst |

Petroleum Development Oman deploys AlarmAnalyst

July 15, 2009 - Machine Automation announced that Petroleum Development Oman has recently deployed AlarmAnalyst Process Suite for use at their oil production facilities.

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is Oman’s largest employer and premier oil producer accounting for more that 90% of the countries total oil production. The deployment of AlarmAnalyst provides PDO with the ability to pro-actively manage the vast amounts of time-stamped textual data generated by their plant’s control systems. This data includes process alarms, events, operator actions and system messages. By exploiting this critical plant information, PDO is able to effectively track plant problems, perform alarm rationalization and ensure their production facilities are being run effectively and safely.

AlarmAnalyst connects to all major control systems to provide years of on-line data storage. Raw textual data is graphically visualized and integrated with continuous data from plant historians to provide interactive at-a-glance views of operations not previously available. As a result, PDO's time to investigate problems and identify emerging trends is reduced from hours to seconds making this new stream of information key to driving maintenance, operating improvement and safety.

Machine Automation Inc is a developer of software tools for plant operations and maintenance staff.
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