Phoenix Contact Ethernet radios score a touchdown at stadium |

Phoenix Contact Ethernet radios score a touchdown at stadium

August 27, 2009 - Just as a blocked field goal can change the outcome of a football game, a blocked signal can compromise the reliability of wireless communication.

When designing the retractable roof and sliding window wall at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, Uni-Systems, a leading designer of kinetic architecture, needed an industrial wireless solution. However, the stadium's steel structure and moving parts created several challenges, including blocked signals. To ensure reliable communication, Uni-Systems chose Phoenix Contact wireless Ethernet radios.

The 88-foot high window wall in the north end zone features a view of downtown Indianapolis. It can be opened or closed with the touch of a button. Several Phoenix Contact Ethernet radios control the movement of these panels, communicating via Modbus TCP/IP.

Additionally, when the retractable roof opens or closes, Ethernet radios provide a live video stream from the top of the roof, ensuring worker safety.

Phoenix Contact is a world leader in electrical connection, electronic interface and industrial automation technologies. Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany, operates 46 international subsidiaries, including Phoenix Contact USA in Middletown, Pa. Global sales exceed more than 1 billion euro annually. Phoenix Contact's formal Integrated Management System is registered to ISO quality, environmental and safety standards (ISO 9001:2008,14001:2004 and 18001:2007).
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