SIMCO uses Eaton’s HP30 Motors on Drilling Rigs |

SIMCO uses Eaton’s HP30 Motors on Drilling Rigs

May 9, 2012 -  SIMCO Drilling Equipment of Osceola, Iowa, uses Eaton’s Char-Lynn HP30 Series motors for its SIMCO 2800 HS (HT) drilling rigs, resulting in enhanced overall performance.

The HP30 high-pressure disc valve motors power standard drillheads on the all-hydraulic, tophead-drive rotary drills used for water-well, geothermal and auger drilling. The Eaton motors are supplied to SIMCO by Power Systems, an Eaton distributor in Ankeny, Iowa.

The HP30’s high-pressure rating was a key reason for SIMCO’s motor selection, as well as the motor’s capability to shift on the fly from high torque to high speed under dynamic loading.

“Eaton’s HP30 motors offer high performance in a compact package,” said Steve Jurshak, SIMCO’s director of engineering, “and their 60/40 split of torque and speed is a good match for mud rotary drilling.”

“The HP30 motor reflects Eaton’s leadership in technology and product development in driller-type motors,” said Jeff Allen, Eaton senior vice president and general manager, Power & Motion Control Division. “Its higher starting torque efficiency, lower pressure drop and smoother two-speed shifting than competitive models make it a real standout.”

Eaton’s Hydraulics business is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a comprehensive line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic systems and components for use in mobile and stationary applications. Mobile and stationary markets include agriculture, alternative energy, construction, forestry, manufacturing, material handling, mining, oil and gas, processing, transportation and utility equipment. Eaton’s Hydraulics Group provides customer-driven solutions under product names such as Aeroquip, Boston, Char-Lynn, Eaton, Hydrokraft, Hydrowa, Hydro-Line, Integrated Hydraulics, Synflex, Vickers, Walterscheid, and Weatherhead.

Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with more than 100 years of experience providing energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power. With 2011 sales of $16.0 billion, Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has approximately 73,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries.

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