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Swedish utility chooses Kamstrup as smart meter provider

Swedish utility chooses Kamstrup as smart meter provider

July 14, 2016 - In the coming years, Swedish utilities are facing the second wave of smart meter rollouts and Västerbergsla- gens Elnät AB is among the first in the country to embark on this next step of the smart metering journey, having now selected the solution they believe will help them meet current and future demands. The need for a reliable partner in for the long haul was one of the deciding factors behind their choice of Kamstrup, ac- cording to Bo Sörberg, CEO of Västerbergslagens Elnät AB.

Kamstrup’s supply is not limited to the 27,000 electricity meters, but also include the OMNIA smart grid plat- form, which will give Västerbergslagens Elnät AB the possibility to test and remotely read heat meters and provide the data needed to reap the rewards of the utility’s smart metering investment. As part of thesolution, Kamstrup will supply meters, communication infrastructure and software as well as handle the installation of the meters.

With the OMNIA solution, Västerbergslagens Elnät AB will obtain a raft of benefits, not least of which is the ability to improve the service it offers its customers. Transparent billing and the potential to monitor their en- ergy usage can help customers to save energy and reduce their spending. In addition, the OMNIA solution  will provide the utility with data to analyse and optimise grid performance and increase effciency.

The process of replacing VB’s meters will begin in the next few months with the project expected to be com- pleted within three years.

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