EVOC EIP Solution in the Detection of Tobacco Packaging

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EVOC EIP Solution in the Detection of Tobacco Packaging

System Introduction
Tobacco is a big industry in the world. It pays significant amounts of tax to the government and offers a large number of job opportunities. Many largesize tobacco enterprises are willing to use advanced automation equipment to improve the quality of their products. Complete checking items and advanced checking methods make it convenient to track and control the quality of products. Manufacturing cigarettes involves various stages: first baking, threshing and redrying, fermentation, blending, tobacco strips, tobacco rolled, and tobacco packaging. Then the cigarettes can be sent to market. Tobacco packaging plays an increasingly important role in encouraging tobacco consumption.

System Requirements
Check the package of cigarettes, including soft packaging check, hard packaging check and box check. Box check contains the check of brand print, internal package, external package and so on. Unqualified items are removed.

System Principle
Use two groups of video sensors to capture image from the five sides of tobacco package: front, back, left, right and top. Input the captured image to computer to compare and remove the unqualified items. The speed of production line is very fast, for example, the packaging speed of soft package is 360 cases per minute. Therefore, it requires high speed camera. Moreover, the main computer not only can manage applications in industrial field, but also should be capable of processing graphics at a high speed. The system adopts EVOC IPC-810A computer, plus video capture card, PCL-725 I/O control card, 725 card outputs control signal to remove unqualified items. EVOC's FSC-1812V2NA motherboard, featuring 256M dynamic share video memory onboard, is capable of dealing with high speed image processing.

Block Diagram

System Configurations
1) Main Computer: IPC-8422/PS-7270 ATX/6114P7
2) Motherboard: FSC-1812V2NA
3) CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400/E4300
4) Memory: 2G
5) Hard Disk: 250G SATA RAID
6) I/O Card: PCL-725

System Evaluation
The system reduces working capitals, shortens machine downtime, improves product quality, and prevents unqualified products from entering the market. It improves product class, user's satisfaction and potential brand value and reduces the rate of returned product.

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