ABB SIL3 High Integrity Safety Controller |

ABB SIL3 High Integrity Safety Controller

The AC800 M High Integrity (HI) SIL3 safety controller can be used with any ABB or 3rd party control system, PLC or operator interface.

The newest safety system offering in ABB’s portfolio is the Independent High Integrity (HI) TUV Certified Safety System. This system has been designed to address opportunities in projects where a physically and functionally segregated safety concept is desired. Independent HI consists of the following components:

  • AC 800M HI SIL3 controller
  • S880 Series SIL3 I/O modules
  • Remote I/O up to 20 km
  • Control Builder Safe Engineering Tool with TUV certification
  • SIL Certified engineering libraries
  • Connectivity interfaces to other systems and visualization packages
  • Diagnostic tools

It will also be possible to upgrade the Independent HI to a fully integrated System 800xA High Integrity by simply adding the additional licenses required. Outstanding features of the Independent HI offering are:

  • Available redundancy for high availability (~ 99.9999%)
  • Near 100% diagnostic coverage without hardware fault tolerance factors or voting
  • Communication modules for safety peer to peer and interfacing with ABB and 3rd party equipment
  • Certified libraries for streamlined engineering ensure sustainable solutions over the application lifecycle

There have been over 5,500 safety controllers and 750,000 SIL certified I/O points installed globally since the release of High Integrity in 2005.

Independent HI is the perfect solution for any industry with a safety critical application from Oil & Gas (on/off shore, midstream), to Petrochemical and Chemical or Pulp & Paper and Power in applications such as relay/interlock system replacements, boiler control retrofits, Burner / Boiler Management Systems (BMS), High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS), and Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) on critical pipelines.

Since it can be interfaced with any process control system, Independent HI can be used with ABB’s Freelance, ControlMasteror Symphony Plus (Harmony and Melody) systems or our heritage (Advant, MOD300) technologies as well as 3rd party control systems or PLC’s.

In addition, connectivity is available for 3rd party process control systems, HMI software and/or process panels (i.e. ABB’s Compact 800 or Panel 800), making Independent HI the perfect SIL3 certified safety system independent of the control system technology or vendor on your site.