Arduino and Leddar™ Detection Technology |

Arduino and Leddar™ Detection Technology

The Arduino platform can be used with shields and sensors to add on different functions—such as detection and ranging. To help Arduino users...

This video shows just a few examples of how the Leddar™ module could be integrated into Arduino projects. There are in fact countless possibilities. Available in different forms, Leddar™ is a unique LED-based technology combining 16 independent active segments to providecontinuous, fast and accurate measurements over the entire area. The sensor's large beam and diffused infrared light pulses enable it to detect a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions. In addition, it's highly configurable, so it can be adapted to numerous applications. We encourage you to experiment with the technology using the Leddar™ Evaluation Kit, adapting it as needed. See how far it can take your Arduino project! Also see downloadable library at: