Bots will work alongside humans in the future |

Bots will work alongside humans in the future

Bots will work alongside humans in the future

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have made the most seemingly impossible things possible in recent years. After the successful integration of IoT systems in various enterprises, the entire digital world is striving for adding bots to various industries to have a more-than-human experience. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the future of sales will be entirely in the hands of bots. He clearly stated in the recent F8 conference that by integrating bot chats in the sales process, there will be no need for human interaction during the entire process of shopping. He explained how Facebook Messenger bots will revolutionize the marketing of products and make it much easier via Facebook Messenger.

Zuckerberg’s prediction has a human behavioral aspect to it. Humans tend to avoid talking on the phone and prefer messaging apps to go through the online shopping experience. A simple text of your requirements to the bot will give everything that you need precisely. Yes, no pains of browsing the site on your own. This is one side of the story conditionally dependent on the intellect of the bot. However, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg has a different take on the alleged bot dominance in the future. She gave a public statement where she said that “we simply don’t have the technology yet to actually imagine that a bot could replace humans in the sales process.” Either way, who can urge you to buy a product unapologetically for hours, other than humans! That talent simply cannot be achieved by bots (as of now).

Undoubtedly, we have achieved a lot in machine learning and artificial intelligence, but we have definitely not reached a point where we can replace, or rather discard the need of humans. The capacity of adapting, changing, understanding, and decision making of humans may never be replaced by the bot’s intelligence in the near future. The future of robotics is bright and successful with the intelligent engagement of humans in the process as well. The reason behind this is the variations in bot development technology. The development of bots can be based on two approaches, one is Simple Logic Trees(SLT) and the other is Natural Language Processing(NLP) or Machine Learning(ML). There is a huge difference between these technologies which will determine the need of humans in the future business endeavors, unlike the hyped prediction of bot dominance in the future. Bots developed using Simple Logic Trees gather information from the user, categorize it and work on the basis of the stored options. For instance, an SLT insurance bot is used to find a perfect fit of policy for you and it starts asking necessary questions to determine that. The answers are categorized in the bot and depending on that it chooses a policy for you. However, if you give answers that are not known, an SLT bot will not be able to move further and would need human assistance for better understanding.

Comparatively, the ML and NLP bots work differently. They get involved in the conversation and pick up keywords and phrases from the user’s requirement instead of searching for specific answers. Results are provided according to the mapping methods taught to these bots. But there are high chances of not receiving a correct answer to your query even with these bots. According to the current scenario, bots are proven to be helpful in dealing with repetitive tasks, which humans lack tolerance for. For example, displaying the same items for 100 times a day to make a sale. Similarly, computational tasks are performed with much more accuracy by bots than by humans. On the other hand, they completely lack empathy and listening abilities. For instance, they won’t offer you any condolences for losing your loved one. They either have answers for something or they don’t. There is nothing like in-between with bots.

There is no point in denying that there will be a time when there is a minimal need for human interference in the sales process. Bots will also increase the productivity of business enterprises by supporting various functions such as customer service, shopping assistants, virtual assistants and even medical advice. They will be highly intellectual and will be able to read between the lines while talking to a customer. However, those days are far in the future. The automated future is promising, but human insight is currently inevitable to serve the customers better. After all, an AI like The Machine from the TV show Person of Interest is yet to be built who also has human elements such as empathy, expectations, thinking capacity and the moral value to differentiate between good and bad.

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