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KUKA Assembly Assistant

KUKA Assembly Assistant
The “knight” concept based on the KUKA flexFELLOW is ideal for car body production due to its flexibility and modularity. Non-ergonomic tasks...

The application shown here demonstrates the automated insertion of plastic plugs. Integrated torque sensors allow the robot to determine the exact fitting position with a search motion. The LBR iiwa lightweight robot can take over this monotonous process using its end effector – a plug-setting tool specially designed by KUKA Systems and suitable for human-robot collaboration (HRC).

The KUKA flexFELLOW not only supports non-ergonomic tasks, but also guarantees improved process quality by performing a continuous setpoint/actual value comparison between the required insertion pattern of the plugs and the plugs which have actually been fitted. The comparison of the force applied when setting a plug makes it possible to document accuracy of fit and quality checks.