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KUKA Kitchen Assistant

KUKA Kitchen Assistant
The KUKA flexFELLOW “knight” concept with the LBR iiwa opens up further areas of application which extend well beyond conventional industrial...

The underlying concept: the sensitive helper based on the LBR iiwa independently and reliably assumes tasks at the end of the portioning conveyor which are arduous for human workers. It takes hold of the fully assembled food trays for the patients from the conveyor and places them in the awaiting distribution trolleys. Or vice versa: it removes the trays from the wheeled racks and places them on a conveyor.


The advantage is that hospital employees have a flexible assistant at their service for monotonous and ergonomically unfavorable tasks and can thus devote themselves to other tasks. The integrated safety functions of the LBR iiwa allow the KUKA flexFELLOW to work directly with humans. The robot can thus be easily integrated into existing commercial kitchens without the need for physical safeguards.