Nordson ASYMTEK introduces Forte Series fluid dispensing system |

Nordson ASYMTEK introduces Forte Series fluid dispensing system

August 192019
Nordson ASYMTEK introduces Forte Series fluid dispensing system

August 19, 2019 - Nordson ASYMTEK introduces its Forte Series fluid dispensing system. The Forte Series combines fluid dispensing with increased throughput and productivity to handle applications such as flex circuit and printed circuit board assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, MEMS, underfill, precise coating, and encapsulation.

With a stable chassis and electrical and mechanical architectures, the Forte Series has a dual-valve-ready design to simultaneously run two high-frequency IntelliJet Jetting Systems. Moving with 1.5G acceleration, dual IntelliJet jets dispense fluid volumes, while the real-time skew correction automatically adjusts for workpiece rotational skew. The added stability in the chassis accommodates motion in the x, y, and z axes without sacrificing placement accuracy.

Nordson ASYMTEK's Canvas software delivers an interface that works to simplify programming and provide insight and control over the dispensing process. Graphical programming lets users scan a workpiece, develop a program on or offline, and simulate the dispensing results on a virtual canvas. Guided wizards provide step-by-step setup instructions and quick-reference graphing and data tiles allow control of how system sensor and process data are displayed.

The integrated dual-valve service station, patented closed-loop process controls, and nozzle cleaning rail work to reduce operator maintenance and intervention. Along with Forte's 600 mm (conveyor rail end-to-end) x 1374 mm (23.6 in. x 54.1 in.) footprint, Nordson ASYMTEK delivers a package for dispensing.