CC-Link announces ASCO CC-Link IE Field Certification |

CC-Link announces ASCO CC-Link IE Field Certification

CC-Link announces ASCO CC-Link IE Field Certification

September 27, 2016 – Continuing to strengthen CC-Link’s position as an open automation network technology, the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announced that ASCO has received CC-Link IE Field Network Certification for their Numatics valve manifold with G3 Fieldbus Electronics.

ASCO introduces its CC-Link IE Field certified Numatics valve manifold with G3 Fieldbus Electronics with integrated scalable I/O that is designed to work as a pneumatic valve manifold and I/O solution interfacing with CC-Link IE Field Industrial Ethernet Network applications:

  • Numatics G3 CC-Link IE Field Communications Module (P/N: 240-362)

CC-Link is a family of open automation network technologies that enable devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate, resulting in a fast, deterministic control system. CC-Link is managed by the CLPA, an organization comprised of manufacturers and users of CC-Link technology, academics and other interested parties.

As a part of their fluid power line up, ASCO offers ISO & NFPA cylinders, ISO compliant valves, line-mounted valves, poppet valves for compressed air or vacuum service, lock-out and shutoff valves that prevent unauthorized pressurization, and valves designed for specific industries, such as SAE-compliant automotive valves.

CC-Link IE Field is a 1 Gbit/s Ethernet-based network that provides exceptional data bandwidth and transaction rates. It unifies the best of present technologies with an easy construction and a flexible network topology. ASCO is a proud member of CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA). 

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