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Diakont’s releases Lubrication Exchange System for actuators

Diakont’s releases Lubrication Exchange System for actuators

February 23, 2016 - Diakont has developed a technology to reduce maintenance requirements for their electric actuators.  For extremely high duty cycle applications that require relubrication, Diakont electric actuators now boast a patented built-in lubrication exchange system, resulting in decreased equipment downtime and improved output.  Diakont’s electric actuators are a choice  for motion control systems across a broad array of applications such as resistance spot welding, injection molding and robotic joining.

Diakont electric actuators feature  inverted roller screws integrated with permanent magnetic synchronous motors (PMSM). Diakont’s lubrication exchange system is built directly into the actuator, allowing the actuator’s  maintenance requirement—infrequent relubrication—to be performed while the actuator is still integrated into the end customer’s machinery. This feature eliminates the need to disassemble and remove the actuator from its machinery or recalibrate system settings when performing routine maintenance. Performing the re-lubrication service can take anywhere from 20 min to 2 hours depending on the size of the unit selected. This helps reduce downtime, and the inconvenience of recalibrating an entire process or machine. 

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