Fundamentals of Test Measurement Instrumentation - $79.00 |

Fundamentals of Test Measurement Instrumentation - $79.00

Fundamentals of Test Measurement Instrumentation - $79.00

Author(s): Keith R. Cheatle

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 2006

Type Available: Paperback

Details: Softbound, 329 pages

Targeted to engineers, technicians, manufacturers, and students, this book discusses the specialized test instrumentation used in R&D laboratories, testing organizations, and industrial maintenance departments. It focuses on the practical application of test instrumentation and emphasizes the importance of creating a "measurement system" that involves components, installation, wiring, and calibration. The design, application and calibration of systems for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, force, displacement, and vibration will also be covered. Emphasis is placed on the calibration of test instrumentation including detailed information about calibration equipment, methods, and records.

This book is a must read for those who want to design test measurement systems; select appropriate equipment; understand system component characteristics, system and component calibration, and operating principles of transducers; determine overall system accuracy; and formulate basic test procedure design. 

Visit the International Society of Automation for more books on designing, installing, and calibrating test measurement systems; understanding system component characteristics; determining system accuracy; and formulating test procedure design.

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