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HARTING announces 2015/16 shows company on path for growth

HARTING announces 2015/16 shows company on path for growth

December 16 2016 --- The Espelkamp-based HARTING Technology group announced that sales during the recently ended 2015/16 fiscal year (September 30) rose by 3.4 % to €586 million (previous year: €567 million). Excluding negative currency effects, growth would have amounted to 3.9%. Growth at the company is thus in line with the cautious forecast made by HARTING Board Chairman Philip Harting at the last annual press conference, held in December 2015.

The company’s business developed differently in the various worldwide regions where HARTING operates. In Europe, excluding Germany and the Middle East (EMEA), sales rose by an outstanding 9.8% to €201 million (previous year: €183 million). The jump in sales was first and foremost the result of orders from Southern Europe and Russia. By contrast, total sales in the other regions remained at the previous year's level, e.g. in the Americas region. Sales there totalled €60 million (previous year: €61 million). Sales in Asia rose slightly, to €130 million (vs. €129 million). Germany also notched up slight sales growth, with the figure climbing to €195 million (previous year: €194 million). The HARTING Technology Group continues to generate two-thirds of total sales (around 67%) abroad.

In April of this year, HARTING won the prestigious HERMES AWARD for its HARTING MICA.

The HARTING Technology Group is continuing its international growth strategy and strengthening its global production footprint. In July, a production facility in Silao and a sales office in Mexico City were opened in Mexico, while an initial expansion effort was completed in Romania, where components for the charging infrastructure for electromobiles are manufactured.

A new production facility is also planned for the current financial year which will mainly manufacture products for the transport, power generation and machinery sectors.

HARTING has been represented for many years in numerous national and international bodies, associations and organisations with memberships in the smartFactory KL, the Industrie 4.0 platform, the Industrial Internet Consortium and the CoR-Lab (Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics), as well as co-operative efforts with the universities/technical institutes of Osnabrück, Bielefeld and Hannover. The partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is also part of this.

HARTING is committed to the three locations of Espelkamp, Rahden and Minden in the district of Minden-Lübbecke. A large proportion of the total investments made during the previous 2015/16 fiscal year was invested in machinery and equipment (around €13 million) as well as in preliminary work for the new European Distribution Center (EDC) logistics centre in Espelkamp.

Some 50 million euros are slated to be invested during the current 2016/17 financial year, The lion’s share will flow to the EDC. Only a few days ago, final talks were held between the technology group and the city of Espelkamp. The building permit is expected within a few weeks.

Employee totals have also continued to develop positively. As at the end of fiscal 2015/16, the number of employees (including trainees) was 4,286 (previous year: 4,228). This represents an increase of 1.4%. HARTING thus created 58 new jobs over a 12-month period. Of these, 29 positions (a gain of 1.2%) were created domestically, and another 29 jobs (1.6%) were created abroad. At the three locations of Espelkamp, Rahden and Minden, HARTING employed a total of 2,396 individuals (including apprentices) (previous year: 2,367) as at September 30, 2016.

HARTING continues to focus on youth. Training and education have been a major priority for the technology group for decades. In the new HARTING (NAZHA) training centre, which was expanded in 2015, commercial and technical-commercial apprentices as well as dual-study students are prepared for their future careers. As at 30 September, a total of 162 (previous year: 152) apprentices and dual-course students were being trained in 22 professions in the NAZHA. A new category added during the year is "Electronics technicians for automation technology".

As a result of the ongoing digitisation at HARTING, the technology group not only rigorously adapts training and personnel development to requirements, it also has the NAZHA itself focus strongly on digitisation.

Among new items is e.g. the NAZHA check-in. This online competition will replace the written recruitment tests starting in March of 2017. Also new is the Industrie 4.0 training unit. This is a demonstration facility that illustrates to HARTING visitors the various technological possibilities of digitisation. In the future, students will be able to connect to the machine with their smartphone and then individually fill tin cans with different mini chocolate bars.


HARTING Technology Group is one of the world's leading providers of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of "Data”, "Signal" and "Power" and has 13 production plants and branches in 43 countries. In addition, the company also produces retail checkout systems, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series use, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, robotics and transportation engineering. In the 2015/16 business year, some 4300 employees generated sales of EUR 586 million.

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