Kistler's maXYmos process monitoring system boosts P.J. Hare's quality control |

Kistler's maXYmos process monitoring system boosts P.J. Hare's quality control

Kistler's maXYmos process monitoring system boosts P.J. Hare's quality control

December 9, 2016 - P. J. Hare is a United Kingdom manufacturer of special-purpose machinery. The company focuses its development work primarily on hydraulic presses for use in the automotive supply sector and the aerospace industry. Because customers require traceable quality control, Hare integrates this aspect directly into the production process for its special-purpose machinery with the help of systems from Kistler.

In the automobile supply sector and the aerospace industry, a successful market presence is in-creasingly dependent on zero defect production. On presses used to manufacture critical parts, it is essential to detect production errors at an early stage so that 100% quality can always be guaranteed when the product reaches the end customer. A long time ago, therefore, special-purpose machine manufacturer P. J. Hare launched its search for a solution that would integrate quality control directly into the production process.

Steve Lock, Hare's Technical Director, sums up the prob-lems involved in meeting this challenge: 'It's impossible to achieve zero defect production in the real world. That makes it essential to eliminate the small number of defective parts from the production process at the earliest possible stage. However, a system that guarantees integrated process monitoring will soon reach its limits − especially in special-purpose machinery manufacture. As manufacturers of this type of machinery, we develop a variety of very different machine designs, so our requirements for process monitoring also vary greatly. Another factor is that we set extremely high requirements for the sensor technology that is to be deployed: as regards force sensors, for instance, a wide measuring range is just as crucial for us as the overload protection issue.'

While seeking out a partner in the process monitoring segment, P.J. Hare's attention was drawn to Kistler. Steve Lock explains: 'Kistler's monitoring systems were specifically designed to operate in a wide variety of production plants, so they are exceptionally well suited to special-purpose machinery manufacture.' He confirms the benefits of the system offered by Kistler: 'Whenever our customers raise the issue of quality assurance, we make use of Kistler systems. Kistler can offer an extensive portfolio of sensors, so a suitable solution is always available for every plant – and integration is straightforward. This means we can also implement solutions for highly specific requirements.' P. J. Hare's Technical Director expresses his view clearly: 'In terms of quality assurance, maXYmos from Kistler is the ideal choice both for us and for our customers: it gives us one uniform system that can cover all our customers' requirements. What's more, our customers benefit from guaranteed 100% quality assurance – with a cutting-edge system that is also simple to oper-ate.'

The maXYmos process monitoring system monitors and evaluates the quality of a product or man-ufacturing step on the basis of a profile. Because the measurement by Kistler's sensors is integrated into the the process, maXYmos allows non-destructive product testing – whereas in the past, testing often meant the destruction of the product under examination. As well as integrated quality assurance, Hare's customers benefit from a clear USP thanks to a range of other features – such as flexible configurability, operation and end-to-end traceability. Steve Lock is convinced by the results that the maXYmos system delivers: 'Bad parts are separated out quickly at an early stage, so the system ensures that products are of high quality. Downtime is minimized and machine avail-ability is increased – adding up to a boost in productivity for the entire manufacturing process.'

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