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Okuma welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC

August 24, 2016 – Okuma America Corporation, a leader in CNC machine tools announced that Velocity/Briney is the newest member to join Partners in THINC. Velocity/Briney supplies CNC machine toolholding solution Velocity SMART Tool™ exclusively for Okuma machining centers.

Velocity SMART Tool is a collaboration of four U.S. suppliers: Velocity Products, Briney Tooling Systems, BlueSwarf and Fullerton Tool. SMART Tool is fully assembled, balanced, preset and ready to run. It removes toolholding guesswork for optimal cutting. BlueSwarf Dashboard™ is included and allows machining at maximum speeds, feeds and cutting depths for a specific operation or part on an Okuma machine tool.

Members of Partners in THINC provide superior technologies that are integrated with Okuma’s CNC machines and controls to deliver advanced manufacturing system solutions.

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