Prime Vision and Unmanned Life partner to create autonomous sorting solution |

Prime Vision and Unmanned Life partner to create autonomous sorting solution

Prime Vision and Unmanned Life partner to create autonomous sorting solution

July 19, 2017. Prime Vision and Unmanned Life presented the results of the proof of concept and performed a live demonstration of their Autonomous Sorting solution to an invited audience at Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. With an empty warehouse as a venue, the presentation demonstrated a sorting centre manned only by autonomous robotic UV’s (Unmanned Vehicles). 

Prime Vision, a solutions provider for the postal, parcel, logistics and airport markets and Unmanned Life, an AI driven software platform to manage autonomous drone fleets for commercial use, are collaborating to develop this pioneering solution for the broader mail and parcel industry.

This ‘pop-up’ sorting centre can be deployed in any building in less than a day. These UV’s or ‘Rovers’ as Prime Vision like to call them, require no other equipment or existing plant to operate and are safe to work alongside human workers. The system can be scaled up or down and rovers can even be dispatched to other locations depending on the days requirements.

In simple terms, the autonomous solution applies the latest robotics technology to create an army of rovers that behave similarly to worker bees. Swarming algorithms determine the actions of these bees enabling them to identify, assess, sort and physically transport items to their dispatch location.

Whether seasonal demand, a temporary location, or an excessive workload, the system can be deployed to bring a rapid, flexible solution to any short-term problem and may become the backbone of smaller logistics centres. Once in place, the solution can run specific hours or 24/7 with the capability to operate a throughput up to initially 15,000 parcels per hour.

The Autonomous Solution lowers CAPEX and OPEX ensuring that there are no barriers to adoption by postal companies looking to integrate a more scalable and flexible sorting strategy.

Over the coming months Prime Vision and Unmanned Life plan to demonstrate further advancements in the development of the system including a robotic arm that can perform autonomous pick-up and place of parcels. 

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