The 11th China (Tianjin) International Equipment & Manufacturing Industry Expo | March 12, 2015 9:00 AM - March 15, 2015 5:00 PM |

The 11th China (Tianjin) International Equipment & Manufacturing Industry Expo

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March 12, 2015 - March 15, 2015
Tianjin, 300457
March 12, 2015 9:00 AM
March 15, 2015 5:00 PM
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With the influence of economic globalization and information technological revolution, manufacturing industry production mode is changing profoundly. As the foundation of national economy, equipment manufacturing industry has the stronger ability to achieve a smooth transition when facing with international market risk according to its solid base.

The president of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang pointed out the significance and expectation of equipment manufacturing industry when inspections. According to the whole strategic distribution, China will be a member of equipment manufacturing superpowers by three steps. By 2025, China will step into the second team of world equipment manufacturing, which will highlight partial advantages. By 2035, China will struggle to forefront of the second team, and truly become an equipment manufacturing powerful nation. By 2050, China will enter into the first team of world equipment manufacturing industry, which will then become a global influential powerful nation in the field of equipment manufacturing industry.
Tianjin plays a prominent role in developing nation’s equipment manufacturing. Equipment manufacturing industry, as one of eight pillar industries in Tianjin, became the first trillion industry in 2013, which achieved an output of 1.02 trillion yuan, accounted for 38.6% of industry in Tianjin. According to “The Twelfth Five-year Plan” of Tianjin, equipment manufacturing industry will be the first pillar industry by 2015, total industry output value will achieve 1.5 trillion yuan, taking 43% of Tianjin industry.
Tianjin equipment manufacturing industry long term development needs a powerful communication trade platform. Established in Tianjin, IEME is located as international high-end exhibition matched with equipment manufacturing industry. IEME is set to assist Tianjin equipment manufacturing industry rapid development, industry structure adjustment, transformation and upgrade under the expectation of industry and exhibition mutual promotion and development.

The 11th China (Tianjin) International Equipment & Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as IEME2015) is the largest equipment manufacturing exhibition in China, which is devoted to industry development, specialized in serving equipment manufacturing industry chain, integrated with brand exhibition, technology communication, trade cooperation, publicizing and international seminar. IEME2015 drives the transformation and upgrade of equipment manufacturing industry at the base of Tianjin. IEME2015 covers 80000 square meters of exhibition area, which will attract more than 60000 professional purchasers and audiences, over 1200 enterprises will exhibit in IEME2015. With its ten years of successful experience, IEME2015 is subordinated with international machine tool exhibition, international industry automation exhibition, international industry robot exhibition. What needs to be mentioned is that IEME has passed UFI (Union of international Fairs, the only international exhibition organization in the world) authentication, making IEME2015 a world famous exhibition.
IEME2014 launched 6 exhibition halls of Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center, covered an exhibition area of 80000 square meters, attracted 1200 enterprises from America, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, China mainland, HK, Taiwan and other countries and regions. IEME2014 lasted for 4 days, totally accepted nearly 60000 audiences and purchasers from more than 20 countries like America, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Korea. There were 63 international visiting groups and 207 Chinese visiting groups. IEME2014 achieved 967 valid orders, about 770 million yuan transaction turnover, 6.74 billion of intention transaction turnover, increased 126.4% than IEME2013, creating the highest transaction record of equipment manufacturing exhibition in North China.

【Six Powerful Advantages, Int’l Exhibition Platform】
1 Authorized information stage, High-end Exhibition
Approved by MOFCOM.
Passed UFI certification.
Sponsored by top 10 industry Associations. 2 International magnates bloom in IEME2015
Yamazaki, MAZAK, Bystronic, Fulu, Haas, Doosan, Hardinge, Hexagon, FANUC, YAMAZEN, OTC, YAMAHA, YASKAWA, ABB, DENSO, SIASUN, NACHI , Fair Friend, Hyundai-WIA, Dalian Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool
3 Industry develops at top speed with Tianjin potential market.
Equipment manufacturing turnover achieved to trillion yuan in 2013;
Government emphasis the development of 3D printing, CNC machine tool, industry robot, intelligent control system, and ocean engineering equipments to achieve ten trillion turnover. 4 Concurrent with column, seminar and peak conferences.
IEME2015 is concurrent with high-end professional column, technology communication conference, new products publicizing meeting, government investment, provides exhibitions and audiences with latest news and business chance.
5 Professional audience organizing, guarantee exhibition quality.
One-To-One target audience invitation;
Directional purchasing of Bohai bay rim areas.
Ten years of industry experience.
300000 audiences database platform.
Largest purchasing exhibition in North China 6 Shocking figure, strength is self-evident.
80000 square meters of exhibition area.
60000 professional audiences.
967 valid cooperation orders.
270 professional visiting delegations.
6.74 billion intentional turnover.