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What's More Thrilling - DFI's New Products with 7th Gen Intel Core Processors

What's More Thrilling - DFI's New Products with 7th Gen Intel Core Processors

DFI’s upcoming boards with 7th Generation Intel Core processor (code name Kaby Lake) bring customers overall enhanced experiences such as low-power with a TDP of 15W, increased CPU performance by 5%, visual enhancement with lower power consumption, and faster speed shift technology. Remarkable and Improved Interfaces DDR4: High Speed Transmission with Low Power DDR4 is loaded with excellent features that enhance speed, power, and reliability for a variety of applications. With clock rates reaching 2400/2133 MHz and capacity reaching 16GB, the performance of DDR4 has increased up to 50% over DDR3. Thanks to a 20% reduction in voltage, total overall power savings can be reduced up to 35%. Support High Bandwidth Interfaces: USB3.0, SATA III, PCIe 3.0 New series board is designed with multiple high bandwidth interfaces on a single board. USB 3.0 offers transfer rates of 5 Gbps, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. PCIe Gen3 allows the transmission of data at 8Gb/s speeds and SATA III at 6 GB/s, resulting in faster and higher performances. With perfect board allocation and optimized thermal analysis, DFI’s board will not overheat even in the process of high-performance computing. Overall Performance and Productivity Improvements with M.2 Interface Up-to-date M.2 interface delivers data transfer speeds of 16Gb/s using Gen3 x2, which is more than 2 times faster than a conventional SATA III connection. The products of new series with brand-new M.2 deliver high-performance, quick responsiveness, and bring large storage capacity to meet clients’ needs. Unexpected incidents such as extreme environment changes, severe shock, and electric shock often result in serious and underestimated harm to enhance the reliability and extend longevity, DFI promises that all our products will undergo several stricter tests that reduce failure rate and enhance stability of operation in the harshest environment.

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