Saelig to carry TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers |

Saelig to carry TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers

Saelig to carry TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers

September 23, 2014. Saelig announces the availability of the TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers - economical USB-stick-sized miniature RF tools with large instrument performance. These PC-connected devices can perform most of the basic tests of much more expensive bench-top spectrum analyzers. Though tiny, the TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers covers a wide measurement range in three models: TSA4G1 (1MHz - 4.15GHz), TSA6G1 (1MHz - 6.15GHz), and TSA8G1 (1MHz - 8.15GHz). They accept signal levels into standard SMA input connectors from - 110 dBm to +30 dBm (input power up to 1 W) and feature a noise level as low as -110 dBm. Test data is displayed on the attached PC using the supplied software, with calibrated level, linearity and frequency.

A useful 'remote' feature allows the PC-connected USB-powered analyzers to be controlled remotely from anywhere via the Internet, allowing for the creation of an easy-setup remote RF monitoring system. Frequency stability is +/- 5ppm and the minimum scanning step is 2kHz at 1MHz span. Resolution bandwidths can be set to 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, or 500kHz. Scanning over the whole frequency range is 0.2s for 'fast-scan', and 2.3s for normal scan.

Signal processing is performed with the free downloadable PC-based software. Once the device's parameters are set (center frequency and span, markers - peak, minimum or arbitrary, max hold, amplitude and reference level, sweep time and number of screen captures), the analyzer immediately commences a frequency sweep on pressing the "Start" button. The resolution bandwidth is automatically selected based on the span.

No larger than a pack of chewing gum, the TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers are nevertheless sufficient for rapid EMC analysis and for troubleshooting RF signals in wireless remotes, cordless phones, wireless monitors, ATE systems and radios, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax and other wireless applications, for field service, installation, and education. Accurate and stable in frequency, they can be used for EMC pre-compliance testing with the optional inexpensive near-field probe set TNP6Gx. This probe set includes two magnetic (H) field and two electric field probes, designed for resolving emissions problems.

Supplied complete with a 60" USB extension cable, a software CD, and a fixed 30 dB attenuator for higher power measurements, the compact (87.5mm x 23mm x 15mm) and extremely light weight (20g) TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers are ideal for field test and servicing requirements since they are so convenient to add to a laptop bag.
Made by Triarchy Technologies Corp., an innovative Canadian RF design house, the TSA Range of Spectrum Analyzers are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY, Triarchy's authorized US distributor.
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