Surviving OSHA Audit in Six Easy Steps | November 20, 2015 11:30 AM - November 20, 2015 2:30 PM |

Surviving OSHA Audit in Six Easy Steps

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November 20, 2015
Fremont, CA 94536
United States
November 20, 2015 11:30 AM
November 20, 2015 2:30 PM
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Surviving OSHA Audit in Six Easy Steps

Surviving OSHA Audit
Instructor: Sheldon Primus
Product ID: 501152
Level: Intermediate

Learn how to quickly spot violations in the workplace and how to correct them to OSHA standards by attending this webinar. The attendee will also be made aware of the most frequent violations, compliance strategies, and the defense against citation. OSHA has a playbook that is used by each compliance and safety officer; the attendees will learn how to obtain a copy for free and tips for learning the content. Moreover, this webinar will give practical steps to an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2).

Objectives of the Presentation
Understand the OSHA audit process
Be aware of their rights
Discover the OSHA playbook on audit and enforcements
Be aware of the top 10 most frequently cited violations
Understand the defense against citation
Learn negotiating tactics to reduce OSHA fines
Learn the key components to an effective Safety and Health program
Why Should you Attend
Recently, OSHA issued over 40,000 citations for safety violations in the workplace. In one example, a HVAC company was fined over $1.2 million for recordkeeping violations. Many organizations have learned to comply with OSHA regulations and have avoided fines and citations when audited by OSHA.

Imagine that OSHA showed up at your place of business today. What would you do? How would you handle the audit? Frightening perhaps to think about, but in reality there is no need to fear an OSHA visit - if you understand compliance and your organization’s responsibilities. This webinar will help attendees better understand health and safety compliance issues for their organization and they will never fear OSHA again.

Areas Covered
OSHA's 10 most frequently cited violations in a built environment
Using OSHA compliance wheel as a model for your safety program
The #1 violation and why you're probably not compliant right now
Training, inspections, written plans and other "administrative" requirements
Strategies and common mistakes when OSHA visits
How to convince management of the value of implementing your safety program
How to negotiate reductions on fines
Who can Benefit
Safety Managers
Compliance Officers
Internal Auditors
Safety Committee Members
Facility Managers
HR Professionals
Chief Engineers
Department Heads
General Managers
Risk Managers

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