Techshock Caution: Future Under Repair - $25.00 |

Techshock Caution: Future Under Repair - $25.00

Techshock Caution: Future Under Repair - $25.00

Author(s): Dick Morley

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 2009

Type Available: Paperback

Details: Softbound Book, 82 Pages

In typical Dick Morley fashion, the Father of the PLC doesn’t hold back expressing his views on a world undergoing major technological change. From start to finish, this easy-to-read book reveals Dick’s strong opinions on technological analysis, predictive success, and some theory regarding marketing in engineering and industry, as well as a little food for thought on PLCs. Any proposed plans seldom survive such an autopsy. Dick skewers conventional wisdom and provides insight into his unique reality. He strongly recommends you have two cups of coffee before digesting his latest thought-provoking prose. Good luck!

“There are plenty of people who write about the future and technological changes. Morley not only writes about the future, he’s helped create it. He’s not only analyzed changes, he’s driven them. He’s one of the few, not the plenty.” Gary S. Vasilash, Editorial Director Automotive Design & Production, Time Compression

“Morley brings back memories of minicomputers, drum memories and clunky computers from my own past. This is a literary explosion of brilliant observations, from the mind of a man who has always been 10 years ahead of the rest of us.” Rich Merritt, former Technical editor of InTech, I&CS, and Control magazines

“Conversations with Dick are always edgy. Either you are on the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating the next revelation, or Dick is making you think hard about how what is being said can or will affect you. Techshock will do that, too, by taking you out of your comfort zone — making you look at technology, how you apply it, how it affects you and does it need to? This book may not be a comfortable read but it is a fun way to prepare yourself for the potential ‘next big thing.’” Ian Verhappen, Industrial Networks Consultant/Specialist

“Typical Morley writing — tugs on the brain some and leaves you with a smile at the same time. I highly recommend this book.” Rick Caldwell, President, SCADAware, Inc. 

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