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Why Modbus still matters book

Why Modbus still matters book

February 10, 2016 - Modbus, the Everyman’s Guide: How a Protocol Born in the 1970s has Stayed Relevant in Automation, has been released this month by Real Time Automation founder, John Rinaldi. The book is for sale on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions.

Automation.com editor, William Lydon, writes in the foreword, “Modbus is used throughout the world, and understanding how to apply it as described in John Rinaldi’s book is important for any person involved in the automation industry.”

Modbus has found its way into hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of devices. You can find it in everything, such as valve controllers, motor drives, HMIs, and water filtration systems; virtually every industrial and building automation product category uses Modbus.

Why this 40-year-old technology still matters is the reason for the new Everyman’s Guide to Modbus. John Rinaldi has been building gateways to work with Modbus, and other protocols, for decades out of his corner of Wisconsin. In this book, his latest of some dozen on industrial automation, he breaks down the when, why, what and how of Modbus, in chapters including:

  • Why Modbus has flourished
  • Modbus data representation
  • Modbus transport layers
  • Modbus for software developers
  • Modbus routers The Modbus Organization
  • Modbus certification
  • Modbus Plus
  • Modbus and OPC UA

“Modbus devices will continue to permeate every type of automation over the next 100 years due to their simplicity,” Rinaldi predicts. “Simply put, Modbus is perfect for a lot of simple devices, and perfect is hard to beat.”

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