Womaster releases Bypass Technology explainer video | Automation.com

Womaster releases Bypass Technology explainer video

Womaster releases Bypass Technology explainer video

June 25, 2018 - WoMaster has filmed a demo video explaining bypass technology on train networks.

Train networks usually use linear topology for their backbone switches. Actually, there is a potential problem for linear topology: if one of Ethernet switches in the backbone goes offline there will be a cut-off of connection further down the network. WoMaster's M12 PoE switches are equipped with Bypass technology to prevent this problem. The video shot by WoMaster’s FAE provides explanation and demo of how this technology works.

For the bypass demo, Layer 2 Managed M12 PoE switch MP310 and Layer 3 Managed M12 PoE switch MP614 were deployed in topology simulating onboard train network linear topology in train cars and train driver cabin. The demo showed that even in case of power cut-off/failure in one of the switches the data was continuously streaming from train cars to a train driver cabin thanks to supporting Bypass technology.

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