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Delayed Batch Operations

Delayed Batch Operations

It's often necessary to perform a similar operation with thousands of your devices, regardless of whether they are online and functioning properly at the moment.

AggreGate was always offering a capability of delayed configuration changes: you can configure a thousand devices and your configuration changes will be delivered on "best effort" basis. But what if you need to execute an operation, e.g. perform a firmware upgrade?

In AggreGate 5.3, we've introduced a method for assuring successful batch operations and tracking their status. New features of system job scheduler allow to:

 - Schedule an action for future or immediate execution

 - Specify multiple execution targets (e.g. a group of devices) and execution concurrency settings

 - Define how many execution attempts will be made for each target, as well as delay between those attempts

The execution will take place as a background process, without any operator intervention. However, it's possible to browse a detailed status report at any time and figure out how many operations were completed successfully, which of them had failed and for what reason, etc.

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