How to Prepare for, Manage, and Follow-up to an FDA Inspection: Risk-driven Approach | October 22, 2015 8:30 AM - October 23, 2015 1:00 PM |

How to Prepare for, Manage, and Follow-up to an FDA Inspection: Risk-driven Approach

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October 22, 2015 - October 23, 2015
Philadelphia, PA 19019
October 22, 2015 8:30 AM
October 23, 2015 1:00 PM
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Course Description:
The FDA inspection is one of the critical measures of your quality system and your organization as a whole. Since a perfect quality system is usually not implemented, the preparation for and management of an FDA inspection is critically important. A well-established quality system provides a solid foundation for passing FDA inspections; however, if you don’t proactively examine your quality system from the perspective of a FDA inspector, you can still have difficulties. A less than perfect quality system has the potential to attract FDA observations, but if you prepare, proactively identify and mitigate the compliance risks, you can still achieve good inspection results and avoid or minimize negative impact on your business.

Based on extensive experience of both managing inspections from the industry side and conducting inspections from FDA side, this seminar will share insights about FDA inspections and provide a set of comprehensive strategies and instructions on how to prepare for and manage an FDA inspection, including how to follow-up and closing out 483s or Warning Letters.

By attending this seminar on preparing for FDA inspection, participants will learn:

Background about FDA inspection program.
How to proactively assess quality system readiness for FDA inspection.
How to identify compliance risks.
How to proactively mitigate before, during and after the inspection.
How to respond to 483s and warning letters including templates based on industry best practices.
Additionally attendees will be provided with:

Toolkit on how to assess a quality system’s readiness, and identify and mitigate potential compliance risks.
A checklist of information that should be prepared prior to inspection.
A strategy template on how to manage a FDA inspection (front room, back room, role playing, dos and don’ts, etc.).
Toolkit on how to prepare responses to 483 observations and warning letters.

Course Objectives:
To provide an overview of the FDA inspection program and key success factors for a manufacturer.
To introduce the best practices on how to manage inspections including a template of game plan.
To introduce the industry best practices on what information should be prepared ahead of inspection including a checklist.
To introduce the best practices including templates on how to respond to and closeout FDA 483s and warning letters.
To introduce the best practices and toolkit on how to assess readiness for a FDA inspection, and how to proactively identify and mitigate compliance risks.

Who will Benefit:
This course will provide valuable assistance and guidance to all regulated companies that are preparing for FDA inspections. The following job titles/ positions will benefit from attending this seminar:

Quality Engineers
VPs, Regulatory Affairs
Risk Managers
Compliance Officers
Management Representatives
Management with Executive Responsibilities
Members of Senior Management Team
Validation Managers

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