machIQ introduces on-line machine diagnostics services |

machIQ introduces on-line machine diagnostics services

March 2, 2016 -  machIQ introduces on-line machine diagnostics services that allow machine builders & OEMs to offer remote technical services to their end users in a simple and swift manner.

A maintenance engineer or a plant manager faced with production downtime due to machine outages often needs help in diagnosing the issue and identifying the right spare parts to purchase. Faced with the prospect of waiting for hours before an external technician can arrive, getting help from a remote expert via video calling allows many issues to be swiftly diagnosed. machIQ makes the process of identifying and interacting with specialists as easy as a few clicks.

Features like file sharing, voice & video-calling, screen-sharing and chat that are built into the platform allow technical support to be seamless and interactive. machIQ’s architecture enables people to collaborate across companies in real-time thus enabling hitherto difficult scenarios.


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