ACS Motion Control offers free development software

ACS Motion Control offers free development software
PLYMOUTH, MN (January 17, 2008) - ACS Motion Control developed powerful, user-friendly motion control software that features simulation and motion machine interface (MMI) tools to minimize setup, tuning and programming time for motion control applications. Designated Application Development Kit (ADK), the software enables the implementation of both highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing, and simpler applications such as point-to-point control.

ACS Motion Control's software can be used with all of its SPiiPlus motion controllers.

ACS Motion Control's simulator tool models an ideal closed loop servo system, allowing users to logically develop multi-axis controller programs in a PC environment without motion control hardware, improving time-to-market. The motion simulator allows for simultaneous application development by multiple users, full simulation of all fault conditions, and reduce project development time by as several weeks. The simulator also includes MMI functionality, which provides program and motion management, configuration, system analysis, servo tuning, programming, parameter viewing, I/O monitoring, and safety tools.

"Our ADK software simulation feature significantly speeds up new machine development by allowing engineers to write, run, analyze and debug motion control programs and I/O logic in parallel with hardware development. This tool is a part of the software installation, which is available free of charge," said Evan Reed, Vice President at ACS Motion Control. "The advanced MMI features provide comprehensive motion analysis, allowing users to fine-tune their systems resulting in better machine throughput, high productivity and faster return on investment.

The ADK software supports stand-alone application programming or host-dependant application programming with C++, Visual Basic and LabView. ACS' advanced software can support 8 axes of demanding, full digital control ACS' software also enables multiprogramming, up to 10 programs can execute simultaneously.

About ACS Motion Control
An international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, ACS (NASDAQ: ACSEF) provides standard and custom products that combine power and precision to deliver flexible, economical, user-friendly motion and machine control solutions. Established in 1985, ACS' international headquarters is located in Israel and its North American headquarters resides in Plymouth, MN. ACS also has facilities in South Korea and distributors worldwide that deliver dependable customer service and product support. ACS is an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, demonstrating its continuous commitment to providing customers with reliable devices that are thoroughly tested with the latest available techniques.