Aegis announces inSite App for FactoryLogix Software |

Aegis announces inSite App for FactoryLogix Software

Aegis announces inSite App for FactoryLogix Software

October 5, 2015 -  Aegis announces inSite App for FactoryLogix Software for manufacturing operations. The app converts an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a mobile portal.

inSite is intended for use by engineers, production supervisors and management staff throughout the enterprise. Whether they are within the factory or at an external location, it provides quick, easy and mobile access to routinely required and actionable information from their FactoryLogix system. Users can exploit this information in widely differing ways to suit their particular discipline.

Executives not closely involved with day-to-day factory floor operations can benefit from the interface’s simplicity to rapidly access the information necessary to obtain business intelligence and make strategic decisions. Marketing and sales staff can prove to visitors how well their organization is managing its manufacturing process by showing the depth and instant availability of information from the plant. Production managers have immediate access to WIP status, yield and problem points.

Quality managers can drill down into root quality issues and immediately visit their location on the plant floor. Similarly, manufacturing and process engineers can gain instant undistorted data on a new issue; this information will allow them to resolve the issue more easily on visiting its location.

Other features of inSite include forward and reverse traceability, summary data, quality data, WIP monitor and packout records. Reverse traceability data can be emailed to assist rapid containment in recall situations. Visualization of products is also possible as inSite can recall and display CAD images by serial number.

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