Catalog Data Solutions offers free CAD Configurator Whitepaper

San Jose, CA, February 27, 2007. Catalog Data Solutions released a new whitepaper entitled "Next Generation CAD Configurators Save Time and Money."

The whitepaper available on the website details 5 key trends in the manufactured products market that have converged to create a new opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to drive revenue growth, lower costs and increase customer loyalty. Increased online searching for products by design engineers, new configurator software innovations (like the patent-pending 'visual constraint feedback and integration with CAD download, pricing and stocking systems provide instantaneous price and shipping information) and lower costs are driving greater adoption and use by design engineers of configurators. The result is that by providing online configurators for your complex and multi-option products you:

  • Increase sales by making it quicker and easier for customers to
    select your products rather than your competitors.
  • Attract customers and increase existing customer loyalty by reducing their time to market and, incidentally, speeding up their purchases of your products.
  • Free your engineer's time to focus on new product design instead of helping customers configure products.

    In the case of Emerson Power Transmission, Marc Macaluso, eBusiness Man-ager said, "In a complex product, users usually don't know the constraints and they almost certainly don't know the interdependence of those constraints (i.e. if you select X you are giving up option Y in selection Z). The Visual Constraint Feedback makes you aware of what effects any selection has on future choices. Substance is vital, but customer perception is even more important for successful adoption."

    "We are delighted to publicly share this whitepaper on the 'state of the market' for Configurator solutions," said John Major, chief executive officer, Catalog Data Solutions. "Online Configurator are an important sales and marketing tool for all industrial suppliers and distributors with configurable or made-to-order products. With many customers moving from 2D to 3D CAD systems, it is also important to couple online Configurators and online 3D CAD model downloads to 'lock' products into a design so suppliers later benefit from the sales success of that design. Suppliers of configurable and made-to-order products without Configurators and 3D models on their website are at risk of losing customers to their competition who do offer them."

    Catalog Data Solutions enables industrial manufacturers, suppliers, and dis-tributors to have their products selected at the design stage by the design decision maker, ahead of the traditional buying stage. Studies show that more than 80% of the time what the engineer spec'd in stays in. With over 90% of designers and engineers now using the Internet to locate and select compo-nents for their new designs, Catalog Data Solutions unique domain expertise creates low cost sales B2B sales lead generation and gets components 'locked and loaded' at the design stage .

    About Catalog Data Solutions (CDS)
    Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA and a local sales office in Boston, MA Catalog Data Solutions enables industrial suppliers to convert more of their website visitors into customers. CDS interactive online solutions stream-line sales of standard components and complex industrial products. CDS online catalog and product configurator deliver the technical information needed for industrial products to be specified into new engineering designs including CAD drawings for standard and configured products.
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