GAMBICA publishes guide to Selection of Efficient Motors & Controls

July 28, 2010 - GAMBICA published a guide, titled ‘Selection of Efficient Motors & Controls’, available as a free download from the GAMBICA Web site. This guide assists in the selection of the best motor and control technology, addressing the differences in motor efficiency ratings, the considerations and benefits of different control methods, and the issues that affect the decision making process for fixed or variable speed control.

The guide is aimed at senior managers and decision makers looking to reduce energy costs in an organisation. As such it is a concise, non-technical publication with a focus on the life-cycle costs of a motor driven system. A key message is that, although higher efficiency may increase initial purchase cost, the reduced energy cost is much more significant; often paying back quickly and m any times over.

“In a single year the energy cost of running a motor can be up to 10 times its purchase price,” explained Steve Brambley, deputy director of GAMBICA. “Over the life of the motor, energy is by far the most significant cost and anyone purchasing a motor should take this into consideration. As an example, a high efficiency motor and VSD might cost £2000 more than a standard efficiency motor, but can save £5000 per year on the energy bill.”

GAMBICA’s variable speed drives group membership includes countless notable engineers, scientists and expert spokespersons that are willing to provide journalists with impartial evidence, opinion and statistics relating to energy usage and efficiency in UK and global industry, commerce and buildings.

About GAMBICA: GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. It has a membership of over 200 companies including the major multinationals in the sector and a significant number of smaller and medium sized companies.