Infoteam's OpenPCS PLC software available for free

Infoteam's OpenPCS PLC software available for free
OpenPCS 6.2.1 is available for download. The software is available in German, English and Simplified Chinese.

It contains new features, such as:
  • Support of print forms
    Print forms now are based on SVG
    Print forms may be created by OEMs using a SVG editor like scribus
  • CFC:
    Replacing compound blocks by regular blocks
    Negate of all boolean inputs possible

    plus many fixed CRQs, inlcuding SmartSIM 32 MB, a Hotkey for Monitor/Edit, constant values are now visible in FBD, enhanced error positioning in CFC, Ladder POUs can now be saved on Chinese WindowsXP, NCC86 for 4 byte alignment, corrections for online edit with PLCs using Motorola format and more.

    The use of the infoteam OpenPCS IEC 61131-3 automation suite is free of charge and needs no registration. It enables application programmers to develop IEC 61131-3 programs and use infoteams simulation environment on any PC. This is a major benefit compared to other products, where end users would have to purchase the engineering tools beside the controller software components. In addition the end user is not limited to one workstation for application development. The OpenPCS Automation Suite allows developing PLC, DCS and RTU application programs without the limitation of license fees and copy protection schemes.

    Section IEC61131/Software has a complete programming environment including a simulator and a user manual explaining features of infoteam products in detail.

    To download:
    English version:
    German version:
    Simpl. Chinese version:

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