ISA releases bioprocess modeling book

Research Triangle Park, NC - March 13, 2007 - Industry experts Gregory K. McMillan and Michael A. Boudreau have written and published a new resource on bioprocess modeling.

"New Directions in Bioprocess Modeling and Control" focuses on the benefits that models offer before they are put online. Based on years of experience, the authors reveal that significant improvements can result from the process knowledge and insight that are gained when building experimental and first-principle models for process monitoring and control.

According to the resource, doing modeling in the process development and early commercialization phases is advantageous because it increases process efficiency and provides ongoing opportunities for improving process control. The book explains that this technology is important for maximizing benefits from analyzers and control tool investments.

The book is designed for process design, quality control, information systems, or automation engineers in the biopharmaceutical, brewing, or bio-fuel industry. The text helps professionals define, develop, and apply a virtual plant, model predictive control, first-principle models, neural networks, and multivariate statistical process control. The synergistic knowledge discovery on bench top or pilot plant scale can be ported to industrial scale processes. This learning process is consistent with the intent in the Process Analyzer and Process Control Tools sections of the FDA's Guidance for Industry PAT - A Framework for Innovative Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.

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