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#ISAutowk - the highway to the world

October 192011
October 20, 2011
This year’s ISA Automation Week has a large screen onsite for Twitter (www.twitter.com) showing all the tweets being sent by attendees and participants in the proceedings. All tweets made bearing the hashtag #ISAutowk or #Pauto made during the three days of the event are displayed, and those unable to attend may also see them to keep in touch with many of the happenings at the show. Tweets include snippets, quotations, pictures and other links from Automation Week.
While there are quotations and pictures sent from the floor during the keynote dialogues, there is also a little fun being had. When ISA President Leo Staples borrowed VP Greg Lehman’s iPad to explain that the session was been “livestreamed,” the latter was reduced to using his cell phone to tweet as he complained, “Cell phone Tweeting: Now severely disadvantaged due to @ISAPresident taking my #iPad to podium at #ISAutoWK!” Needless to say, that encouraged a deluge of responses from others on Twitter.
For more information, the ISA Interchange (www.automation.isa.org) blog features a page with hashtags used in automation tweets.
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