Lattice Technology offers free trial of XVL Studio Pro software

June 8, 2009 - Lattice Technology is offering free trials of its XVL Studio Pro software.

XVL Studio Pro is the company’s industry-leading product for turning 3D design data into 3D manufacturing data. This application is the main XVL authoring tool for performing mathematically correct interference and clearance checks on 3D assembly data, manipulating parts lists, creating process designs, delivering 3D work and assembly instructions and illustrations direct from 3D design data.

Lattice Technology is making its automated Design Review tools easily available for designers and engineers to quickly try out the software for design review activities. Sample data and tutorials also make it easy to discover how automated Design Review can change the way design-to-manufacture processes progress.

“It is a well known concept that errors found after design has completed cost 10 times more if located during production engineering, and 100 times more if discovered during manufacturing,” said Dr Hiroshi Toriya, CEO of Lattice Technology and author of the new book, ‘Improving Lean Manufacturing Through 3D Data’ now available from Lattice Technology. “XVL Studio Pro allows almost all the design errors to be found far earlier, so they can be quickly resolved. This reduces cost, time and frustration across the entire enterprise.”

“Our customers indicate that automated Design Review using XVL Studio Pro delivers a leap forward in productivity, not just small steps,” said Bill Barnes, GM. Lattice Technology. “Customer metrics show that automated Design Review identifies more than double the issues caused by interference and clearance problems, compared to visual review of CAD data, and that they have been able to reduce Design Review time by at least two-thirds. This kind of change is key to better, faster release of products of all kinds.”

XVL Studio Pro is available after a quick registration, and both sample and tutorial data is available to allow users to quickly and easily learn how automated Design Review works. New white papers and presentations describing the process are also available free of charge.

About Lattice Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA, Lattice Technology provides global companies with proven digital manufacturing solutions for 2D/3D design data across the manufacturing enterprise. With Lattice Technology’s XVL applications, engineers and manufacturers can perform design review, simulate assembly processes, automate creation of 3D parts lists / BOM s and create animations with even the largest 3D assemblies. Lattice's standards based XVL (eXtensible Virtual world description Language) technology provides secure, highly accurate and compressed 3D files that can be used, shared and easily supported by partners, suppliers, and internal departments in a lightweight browser-based solution. XVL is unmatched in performance, compression and accuracy.