Simulation of Industrial Processes Key to Ensuring Investments Pay Off

November 102005
LONDON, ON, November 10, 2005 – JMP Engineering announced today the introduction of a new service aimed at helping manufacturers understand the business impact of changes to their production facilities in advance of real dollars being spent.

Through employing state-of-the-art simulation software, JMP engineers are able to replicate real-world production systems and allow customers to see how various scenarios play out over time. The animated computer models generate quantitative performance data and quickly bring to light issues such as bottlenecks and under-utilized resources. For the cost of only the man hours involved, manufacturers can experiment over and over again with different situations and see the effects hours, days or even months into the future.

“Our customers need to make sure the real money they spend toward improving their production is going to deliver real benefit,” says Scott Shawyer, JMP President and CEO. “It is very competitive out there and there is no room for error. Simulation during the project planning phase goes a long way to ensuring the final system delivers as expected and the investment pays off.”

Whether considering changes to existing systems or the addition of new ones, simulation is a valuable tool in understanding the impact of proposed changes and justifying the investment required. JMP provides simulation and automation planning services to customers in a variety of industries including Automotive, Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical.

About JMP Engineering
JMP Engineering ( is a leading industrial system integration company that specializes in the engineering and provision of automation, control and information solutions that leverage current technology to enhance manufacturing performance for clients in a variety of industries including Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental. The company has forged strong, long-term relationships with both clients and partners by living the promise: “We always do what we say we’ll do. Every time. All the time”. JMP has its head office in London, Ontario and branch offices in Richmond Hill, Burlington, Cambridge, and Windsor, Ontario, and Livonia, Michigan. The company is privately owned.
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